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Anadolu Efes Fans Chose the New Season Motto: “#NewQuest”

Starting the 2021-2022 season of Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and ING Basketball Super League, Anadolu Efes listened to their fans for the new season motto.

Head Coach Ergin Ataman participated in the promotion film of the new motto


Anadolu Efes fans shared their suggestions under the Anadolu Efes Sports Club’s social media post for the new motto and “#NewQuest” has been chosen. Referring to the new adventure that began after the amazing success, the #NewQuest motto also emphasizes the gaming world. The term “Quest” is used for new adventures and new stories within the game in the gaming world.


The main motto of Anadolu Efes Sports Club for the 2021-2022 season will be #NewQuest and will be used alongside #ThisIsHome. Anadolu Efes Sports Club’s Head Coach Ergin Ataman participated in the new motto’s promotion film, and the film received positive feedback from basketball fans on social media.  


#NewQuest promotion film:


The visuals will be shaped through #NewQuest

Renewing the visuals at the beginning of every season and leading the Turkish sports in this area, Anadolu Efes Sports Club will shape the visual philosophy of the 2021-2022 season through #NewQuest. Club’s new visual world will be inspired from the gaming world as well.


Anadolu Efes Sports Club, which was selected as "Europe's Best Marketing Team" four times by the EuroLeague for its marketing projects, will continue to include its fans in its communication processes.