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Ergin Ataman: “I can’t say that we are ready for the season…”

Defeating Galatasaray 80-56 in the 1st-week match of ING Basketball Super League 2020-2021 Season, Anadolu Efes head coach Ergin Ataman stated his thoughts post-game:

"We’ve won the match. Our defense was tough within the second half, but I’m not happy with our offense organization. Especially, we failed to play a good basketball within the first half, our offense statistic was 36%. We were better within the second half, Simon participated and we’ve managed to win. I can’t say that we are ready for the season, if we were playing a EuroLeague match we would have had bigger trouble within the first half. We are lacking some of our players at the moment and we believe that we will play better once they join in. Psychologically playing an official game after 6 months had a stressful effect on the players. It was a solid win in the end and we started the league victoriously, so I congratulate my players.” 

  • Ergin Ataman