Erdem Can: ”We Strive to Improve Every Day...”

Following Anadolu Efes's 79-64 victory away against Yukatel Merkezefendi Belediyesi Basket in the eighth week of the Turkiye Sigorta Basketball Super League, head coach Erdem Can shared his thoughts on the match:

"Despite being behind in the first half, we didn’t change our game plan much. We needed to do what we were supposed to do better. It was crucial to stay in the game and concentrate. My players did that. We shared the ball better. Scoring 79 points with 25 assists is very important. Good ball distribution is our primary goal. Coming from Euroleague away games and playing this match isn’t easy. Our opponent also needed this match. We are focused on getting better every day, and I hope this match helps us on this path."

  • Erdem Can